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MP24-C type motor pump panel

Motor pump management and control

The Panel combined with the pump unit, enabled the start-up of the same group within a few seconds of the start request, when opening or closing an external contact. The electronic card of control to microprocessor is formed from a single card, with display of the programming and set parameters. Groups together all the functions of calibration needed for the management of the equipment. Considerable configuration possibilities according to the specific needed (firefighting equipment, irrigation, waste water, control levels, etc.)

General characteristics

- MP24-C control unit optimized for the control and control of pumps, compressors and motors in general
- Compact and intuitive design
- Large display LCD backlit graphic 128 x 64 pixel
- Reading motor revolutions from W / AC / Pick-up / Generator frequency
- Battery prevention through modality ZERO ENERGY CONSUMPTION
- Text for parameters and alarms in 5 languages (ITA- SPA-ENG-FRA-DEU)
- Event Log

Types of operation

- Engine speed control (RPM)
- Start-up and automatic / manual stop

Display measures

- RPM motor
- Engine status and Timer
- Hour meter
- Engine oil pressure (analog)
- Motor temperature (analog)
- Fuel level (analog)
- Battery voltage
- Alarm display
- Historical events

Engine protections

- Over and Under Speed
- High Temperature
- Oil pressure
- Fuel Level
- Battery Charger Alternator fail
- Low Battery Voltage

Input and Output

- Pick-Up
- D+ Battery charge alternator
- Oil pressure probe
- Temperature probe
- Remote emergency stop
- Fuel level probe
- Signal W for detection of engine revolutions
- 5 static outputs
- Excitation output D+

Inside composition

- Self-regulated and self-protected electronic automatic battery charger 12V o 24V
- Decoupler relay for pressure switch NO - NC
- Protection fuses
- Connection terminal board

Carpentry Schneider Ral 7035

Dimensions : mm 400 x 500 x 200( B. x H. x P.)

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