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Logics MP24

Logics MP24

General characteristics

-Starting and arrest of the manual generator through key
-Formality automatic starting
-Automatic selection of the voltage of the battery 12 or 24 Vdc
-Pushbutton for the selection of the measures on the display
-Periodic test of the generator
-Visualization of 7 electric measures
-11 operational messages visualized on the display
-17 messages of alarm visualized on the display
-30 completely programmable parameters
-Planning output for control generator contactor
-Connection to Pick-up or W alternator battery charger for survey turns motor

Electric measures

-Voltage of the generator
-Current of the generator
-Revolution counter motor
-Voltage of battery
-Voltage alternator of battery charger
-Hour counter of operation

The scanning of the various measures is effected pressing a special button on the front of the logic.

Inputs motor

-D+ alternator of battery charger
-Oil pressure sonde
-Temperature sonde
-Stop distance emergency
-Fuel level sonde
-Pick-up signal for survey turns motor
-Signal W for survey turns motor


Inputs electric measures

-Voltage alternator 230/400 Vac
-Generator current with TA / 5

Entry for distance starting control


-Electrovalve fuel control
-Electromagnet stop control
-Preheat diesel motor glow plugs or air motor gasoline control
-Starting motor
-Alarm siren
-Positive under key
-Generator contactor control


-Low pressure oil
-High temperature motor
-Over speed motor
-Low speed motor
-Belt break alternator battery charger
-Alarm emergency
-Low fuel level
-Starting failure
-Alternator voltage failure
-Over frequency alternator
-Low frequency alternator
-Over Voltage alternator
-Anomaly battery


96mm x 96mm x 70m

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