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Load banks for testing generator sets

Load banks for generating sets with automatic and timed test cycle

It allows to carry out generator load tests in emergency to the mains without the need for power outages on the connected utilities.

Normally the generator test run is performed with very low loads, in some cases completely without load.

This type of test in fact generates in the long run a mechanical degradation and performance of the engine itself.


The automatic test cycle allows you to automatically program the various load steps (KW) and the minutes of insertion up to the next load step.

It also allows programming with the date and time of the generator start and the test under a predetermined load.

All the control operations of the various loads are managed automatically or manually by the operator via a Schneider PLC and a 7-inch color touchscreen operator panel.

The software developed by TECNOCONTROLLI and pre-installed in the PLC allows to monitor and manage with extreme safety all the preset load sequences.

Touchscreen 7" PLC Schneider

The load bench is also equipped with a mains analyzer with the possibility of exporting the electrical measurements recorded during the whole test.

This tool can be chosen directly by the customer according to his needs among different pre-established types.


Control desk features

Made in carpentry in steel plate with painting realized to termosetting dusts of grey color RAL 7035 textured (or according to specific clientgaranteeing the maximum result in terms of resistance to the atmospheric agents,to the scratches and at sight..
- Lectern version with 4 swiveling wheels, two of which are braked.

          Banco Prova Automatico 02  Banco Prova Automatico 04  Banco Prova Automatico 03


Resistive bench features

It can be predisposed for assembly fixed to the control desk or alternatively separate and connected to it with special quick-connect connection cables.

Metal box, IP20 protection degree containing: (forced ventilation),

Number of resistors variable depending on the total power (KW) and the load steps required.

For forced ventilation, the covering panels of the ventilation section are grilled with IP20 protection);
The forced ventilation section for a bench of about 60 KW consists of 6 or more 280 mm diameter fans for a total of about 11400 square meters / hour nominal with a power of 720W 230Vac 50Hz


Banco Prova Automatico 05


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