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Panel of multiple parallel for generator groups with division of the load

Panel of multiple parallel for generator groups with division of the load


The electric panel, combined to the generator groups of whatever power, it allows the autonomous production of electric energy with function of automatic or manual starting / automatic parallel among generators.
It can be predisposed in an only form for the whole central of production or to more independent forms, directly optimized for the installation on every single generator.
In this case through a special connections interface rapidses, predisposed on all the panels, it is possible to make to converse the equipments between them with a simple cable of communication.

This system with the opportune changes can also be used as emergency to the mains, with gradual insertions of the generator groups on application of load.
In further in particular installations, a special configuration of the software of the control logic can allow the synchronization with the mains and the parallel.


The logic of control of the generators is composed from an only card to microprocessor that contemporarily integrates the control, the synchronization and division of the active load up to 16 generators.
Compatible with the most common regulators of speed and regulators of tension AVR.
It prepares in over of the connection CANBUS J1939 for the direct communication with the modern electronic centralines of the diesel motors, directly bringing on the display of the logic a series of information.




Such equipment performs the principal operations:

SYNCHRONIZER COUPLER: it is inserted during the operation of mass in parallel, after the Group has reached regime.
It handles to bring the Group from to the same speed of the Group pilots, through commands to the regulator of speed.
Gotten the same speed, with further brief commands the agreement of phase is gotten, to the attainment of which the coupler furnishes the command of closing of the contactor of parallel.

DISPATCHER OF ACTIVE LOAD: after the joining in parallel, the unity of synchronization and joining is disabled and is inserted the dispatcher of active load.
This last through a survey wattmeter, furnishes the commands to the dispatcher of active load of the Groups in parallel with the purpose to constantly have a disbursement of equal power among the two Groups.



Through a special software of communication is possible to interact with the logic through the personal computer.
All the information of the plant, the state of the generator group and all the parameters of planning of the logic are visualized.

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