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Product description :

- Generator control for applications of MAINS EMERGENCY or PRODUCTION
- Direct communication with engines EFI
- Total remote control
- Rental functions

Main features

- Easy to install, configure and use
- Multiple communication possibilities, including:
• SMS and locator GPS
• Communication ports RS232, RS485, Ethernet, CAN
• Integrated USB port with the possibility of programming without power supply.
• Support for protocol Modbus
- Sending e-mails and text messages in different languages
- Energy saving mode with zero consumption
- Event history with 150 complete registrations
- Full support TIER 4
- Timer programmable

Motor control

- Preparation of starting (preheating or pre-lubrication)
- GAS engine management
- Fully programmable start and stop sequence
- Fuel solenoid valve selection
- Motor speed protection
- Local or remote start-up
- Engine detection started (D+, VCA, CANBUS, RPM)

Engine Measurements

- 3 fully configurable analog inputs
- Preset standard sensors (VDO, Datcon, etc...)
- Motor speed detection through Pick-up or CanBus

Geenerators Measures

- Configurable Voltmetric Control :
• 3Ph 4W – Ph-Ph voltage, Ph-N voltage
• 3Ph 3W – Ph-Ph voltage
• Split Ph – Ph-N voltage
• Mono Ph – Ph-N voltage
- Voltage (directs or on T.V.)
- Current
- Frequency
- Active and reactive power
- Apparent power
- Contactor of Energy KWh

Generator protection

- Over and under tension
- Over and under frequency
- Overload
- Short circuit protection
- Voltage unbalance


- 132 x 64 pixel backlit graphic
- Selectable communication in multiple languages
- Intuitive text communications
- Communications for motor diagnostics connected in CanBus
- Events history complete with all the most important information

Other functions

- Language selection: Italian, English, Spanish, French, Chinese
- THREE levels of configurable passwords
- Serial port RS232 – RS485 - Ethernet IP (optional)
- Communication protocol in MODBUS RTU / TCP-IP
- Software for PC remote management compatible with any operating system
- External generator start function and switching exchange in the presence of a mains
- Input for simulation or mains failure
- Input for simulation or generator failure 
- Remote signaling of battery status
- Start-up and stop at low revs
- Glow plugs preheat
- Carburetor air management
- Fuel pump control
- Possibility of operation with external key selector
- 6 digital inputs fully programmable and configurable
- 6 digital outputs fully programmable and configurable
- Automatic periodic test: setting the date and time of departure. Daily, weekly, monthly repetition
- Clock function: the UP1-PLUS has a date clock
- Pick-up detection and temperature, oil and fuel level sensors integrated
- SMS sending of alarms or general status messages on several telephone numbers (in conjunction with GPRS modem)
- Storing all events on history with date and time and various information
- Optional module for expansion of 8 inputs or 8 outputs

Dimensions e Protection

- Width195 mm ; Height135 mm ; Depth47 mm
- Front Protection IP65

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