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Logics UP1-LCD

Logics UP1-LCD

General characteristics

-Battery supply 12/24Vdc
-Graphic back illuminated display 128x64 functioning to low temperatures
-Permanent calendar clock
-Modality function selection at buttons operation and possibility of external key selector
-Perfectly interchangeable with UP1-G both electrically both mechanically
-Password protection for change parameters
-3 programmable services for maintenance motor
-Formulation date and hour for automatic periodic test of the motor
-Doubles function EJP (France)
-In manual modality opening and closing of the mains and group contactors through push button
-Menu and operational messages in Italian, Spanish, French and English
-Motor measures, oil temperature pressure and turns motor
-Indicator fuel level and filling pomp control through a float or external command
-8 +16 completely programmable outputs for distance signalings and 5 completely programmable inputs
-Outputs RS232 - RS485 and MODBUS for remote control. Software for PC
-Dispatch of messages SMS to planned numbers on telephone book
-Visualization of the historical events with date and hour

Electric measures

-Three voltages linked generator and frequency in contemporary reading
-Three voltages phase-neutral generator and frequency in contemporary reading
-Three currents generator and frequency in contemporary reading
-Active power, apparent power, reactive power and factor of power in contemporary reading
-Three voltages linked of the mains and frequency in contemporary reading
-Indication motor speed, oil pressure, temperature motor and fuel level in contemporary reading
-Hour counter, countdown for the three service of maintenance, date and hour of the programmed periodic test, number performed startings and number of the missed startings, all in only display


Inputs motor

-D+ alternator of battery charger
-Pressostat oil
-Thermostat temperature
-Fuel level sonde
-Pick-up signal for survey turns motor



-Preheat glow plugs
-Siren alarm
-Stop through relay 8 A.
-Starting through relay 8 A.
-Fuel electrovalve through relay 8 A.
-Contactor group control through relay 8 A.
-Contactor mains control through relay 8 A.
-Fuel pomp control
-8 static outputs completely programmable more 16 external



-Ten inputs devoted by the outside more alarms motor and electrics
-Indication alarm through flashing bright led. Red for alarms with stop motor and yellow for alarms of alone signaling
-Indication on the display of the description detailed of the type of alarm in the planned language
-Memorization of all the alarms in the historical events, with date and hour


-W. 280mm x H. 210mm x D. 50mm

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